Bling Saves!

Got Jesus

Today I had my first ever cycling collision.  I collided into the ‘Got Jesus?’ bumper sticker of a car parked near the cul de sac just outside my house.  There’s a church nearby and there usually aren’t cars in that spot but this is Sunday.

So.  I was listening to ’30’s Lament’ by Laura Freeman on my iTunes mix…about not wanting things, just to sit around and sing… when BAM!  I hit the bumper hard and fell to the street.  I hit my head on the back of the holy stealth sedan and the top of my arm on the asphalt.  Amazingly there was no blood!  Not even road rash.  It doesn’t feel like a concussion.  And there’s nary a bruise or the perversely wished-for black eye.  I was lucky.

I must have been squinting in the Texas sun.  I was definitely not looking in front of me.

Rhymanese-Twins-examine-eggOuch.  Not too clever.

Thankfully, I was wearing a bike helmet.

Now I feel even happier about having preached the lesson in this video I made last year for BikeTexas with John Clawson and the  Rhymanese Twins — Noah Tabakin and Jon Steinmeier.

I got my bling on!

Bling saves!

Praise Safety Bling!

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One Response to Bling Saves!

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    There are easier ways to find Jesus, Donna. Up here in Alaska, even the grizzly bears usually get out of your way!

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